"Where words fail, music speaks" Hans Christian Andersen

Not only do I have a passion for playing music, I also love to pass my knowledge onto others through teaching and this is why I have been teaching for the last 8 years. From complete beginners to more advanced players I offer guitar lesson for all ages and cover any style including rock, blues, country or heavy metal as well as music theory, technique and preparing for music exams. I am also experienced in using Logic and Pro Tools and am able to coach people on how write their own music, produce it, arrange it and mix it. 

Qualifications and teaching experience:
  • Bachelor Degree in Music (London, UK)
  • Licentiate in music teaching (London, UK)
  • Diploma in Music Performance
  • Logic Pro — Music production course (London, UK)
  • Child Protection Training
  • First Aid course
  • Teaching children with special needs Training

Having worked for Hertfordshire Music Service has given me much experience and improved my abilities in teaching students of different ages and abilities. In addition to that having personally been in several bands I used my skills and knowledge to help coach up and coming bands formed by students. 
Been teaching privately for the last 8 years.

Single Lesson at my home:

  1. 30 min € 15,--
  2. 60 min € 25,--

Single Lesson at your home:

  1. 30 min € 20,--
  2. 60 min € 30,--

Group Lesson:

  1. 50 min — 2 People:  15,--
  2. 60 min — 3 People:  12,--
  3. 60 min — 4 People:  10,--

If you require any further information regarding lessons or you wish to book a lesson please contact me on 0791 2215 224 or andyneuner@yahoo.com

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